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Penny Sansevieri

Finding and Pitching Influencers and Bookstagrammers to Review Your Book

A Talk by Penny Sansevieri (CEO, Author Marketing Experts, Inc.)

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About this Talk

If you’ve ever wondered how to get to Bookstagrammers and bigger influencers, this class is for you!

If you’re ready to promote a new release or revive an already published title a pitch to online influencers and Bookstagrammers could be a major building block to your success.

But where do you start?

In this session, Tara R. Alemany and Penny Sansevieri, founder of Author Marketing Experts, will break down the various types of “influencers” from bloggers, to Bookstagrammers and online media. We’ll dig into how to find them, how to pitch them, and how to get them to spread the word about your book!

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October 13, 2022, 11:00 AM

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

About The Speakers

Penny Sansevieri

Penny Sansevieri

CEO, Author Marketing Experts, Inc.