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Paige Velasquez Budde

Becoming a Podcast Guest Insider

A Talk by Paige Velasquez Budde (Partner and CEO, Zilker Media)

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One of the biggest shifts we’ve seen in the media landscape is we as consumers of media are increasingly redeploying our attention from large generic media to now what we call “micromedia.”

Micromedia are individuals that we perceive as more trustworthy, interesting and entertaining than what we consume from mass media. In the past two years, podcasts have been one of the most influential forms of micromedia for a public relations campaign’s results.

For authors and business leaders, being a featured guest on podcasts is a high-impact way to boost your influence and raise the visibility of your book or organization.

But with podcasts growing in popularity, it also means the podcast landscape is growing increasingly difficult to navigate. There are two million podcasts on the market today, with 80 million Americans tuning in on a weekly basis.

In this interview, Tara R. Alemany and Paige Velasquez Budde, CEO of Zilker Media, will walk through:

  • How to research and choose the best podcasts for your platform.
  • How to find the correct contact information for a podcast.
  • How to effectively pitch each one to win your guest spot.

The fact is, landing these highly coveted guest spots and delivering a good interview is critical to cultivating your thought leadership, generating readers and building your brand.

Show Notes: During this conversation, Tara mentioned that she has two podcast-related videos. The first focuses on how to find podcasts to be on, and the second interviews friends who are podcast hosts regarding what makes a potential guest stand out for them. You can find them both at

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How to be a great podcast guest


October 13, 2022, 11:00 AM

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Paige Velasquez Budde

Paige Velasquez Budde

Partner and CEO, Zilker Media