ATTENTION: Authors, Publishers and Book Marketers

Mike O'Mary

Co-Founder, LitNuts Publisher, author, IBPA and ALLi member.

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Mike O'Mary is cofounder of LitNuts, a newsletter that was created to bring "The Best of the Indies" to booklovers. Subscribers get a free newsletter featuring ONLY indie books (no Big Five!). Authors and publishers get an affordable way to share their work with engaged readers.

Prior to the launch of LitNuts, Mike was owner/publisher of Dream of Things, an indie press that published three New York Times Bestsellers, three winners of the Hoffer Award, and one book that was optioned for a film in the span of seven years. With LitNuts, Mike is drawing upon his experience of publishing and marketing books on a shoestring budget to help indie presses and authors achieve greater success. 

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