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Manon Wogahn

Publishing Operations Manager, AuthorImprints

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Manon Wogahn is a publishing professional with four years of experience working with authors to create and promote their books. As publishing operations manager for AuthorImprints, she helps self-published authors produce and distribute print and eBooks, prepare and optimize metadata, plan marketing promotions, manage email newsletters, and more.

She is the editor of the Cluesletter, a mystery-focused biweekly newsletter promoting news, new releases, podcasts, and eBook deals. Each issue also has an interview with a featured author. Since its launch in September 2021, the Cluesletter has amassed 23 issues with 20 interviews with various mystery authors.

Manon holds a bachelor’s degree in art history from Chapman University, which she credits for her obsessions with beautiful books and the Chicago Manual of Style. She is a member of San Diego Professional Editors Network, the Independent Book Publishers Association, and Toastmasters International.

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