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Jane Ubell-Meyer

Founder, Bedside Reading Jane is the founder of Bedside Reading. As of September 2022, Jane is back producing! She is bringing books to film producers and is a co-executive producer on a reality-based TV show. She is also part of the marketing team behind a new A.I. program that evaluates books for screen adaptation. (You have to ask me about this. It's genius!)

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Jane Ubell-Meyer is a former television and film producer and founder of  Bedside Reading (promoting authors since 2017).

The company places bestselling books, ebooks, podcasts and meditations in luxury hotels, national and international, and partners with the world's leading publishers, independent publishers and authors.

The company's mission is to help authors build their fanbase by connecting their books to readers while providing hotel guests the opportunity to discover new authors.

Jane is also the book columnist to LuxLifestyle Magazine (, an East Coast luxury lifestyle magazine covering food, travel, style, health and more. 

Publisher: Books To Screen magazine (

Founder: Madison & Mulholland - Sponsorship expert 2002-2017

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